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It’s no wonder that people with the highest paying jobs are usually in careers that offer high salaries all the way around. If you feel you’re in a dead end job and want a new career, why not do yourself a favor and target a higher paying job? After all, hard work is hard work, so you might as well pick a job that’s going to pay you well for your hard work.

Rocket boost your career by focusing on high paying jobs

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, here is the top paying jobs in the U.S. (based on the latest census) with their annual salaries included:

1. Chief Executives ($87,514)
2. Engineering Managers ($80,943)
3. Lawyers ($82,137)
4. Dentists ($102,843)
5. Physicians and Surgeons ($124,125)
6. Registered Nurses ($83,111)
7. Podiatrists ($83,111)
8. Optometrists ($80,018)
9. Natural Science Managers ($75,505)
10. Actuaries ($72,449)

If you want to land a career in one of those high paying jobs, think about what you need to get there. Education, experience, and tenacity!

If any of the high paying jobs I’ve listed here don’t interest you, you can find other high paying jobs with additional research of occupation data from the U. S. Census Bureau. You can also find additional salary information from job search web sites like Yahoo! Hot Jobs and Career Builder (Career Builder charges for this service).

 Over 1.3 Million Jobs Available

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